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PERSONA-lly, I love it! ;o)

A Day in the Life of
Divorce Attorney
Noelle Nemesis

Sitting at my desk, looking the ravishing fashCuhYouT attorney that I am, perusing the Kline's divorce papers. *Gasp* They each get half of a toy poodle?!? What kind of settlement is that?

Sigh...that kind of shock was enough to make me drop my morning coffee all over my Myllie Writer Persona Cable Knit jumper...fashHorrors! (Almost as beastly as halving a poodle!) Oh dear, it's going to be one of THOSE days! Thank goodness my heavy mug didn't dent my desk by Leviathan Akami of Leviathan Evans Designs. If it's built by Leviathan, it's apparently built to last.

Quick dash home, might as well be fashCuhyoot and comfy (even if the halved poodle isn't). Thank God, my Persona Furry Sweater is clean! YAY! Ready to dash out the door, one quick check in the mirror. *smiles* Myllie Writer knows how to turn my frown upside down, and make me look fashtastic in this Persona plaid prim skirt (with intelliskirt), and Persona creamsicle orange woolen tights! I'm so in love with Myllie's woolen tights! Ah dew declare, with sassy Slink's Suede Mary Janes in pumpkin (FREE! in pumpkin and butternut until November 1!) I'm set to save that poor poodle's life! Divorce Attorney, Noelle Nemesis, to the rescue again! (But if that poodle picks my woolen tights, I'll halve him myself! *grins*)

Fashion Fitz Info:
Office Pictures location: Leviathan Evans Designs
Leviathan promises an expanded store with even more office products and furniture SOON! All of the furniture at Leviathan Evans Designs is fully modifiable to allow customization to your space; pose balls may even be added!
Hair in the top three photos: Calla Iris

Skin: Minnu Model Tan Skingloss in Dusk
Eyelashes: Minnu Model Catwalk
Earrings in top three photos: Earthtones Grazia Bloodstone
Hair in bottom two photos: Calla Pansy
Shape: Noelle Nemesis by /Shift\ Custom Avatars 4 U!

Fab post Loren
I lurve it
p.s did you save the dawg?

Noelle Nemesis is no enemy of poodles! Of cawse, looking fashYummMmmy, she also saved the poodle (he didn't even pick her tights!). Thanks Sis, I thought you might like this one! ;o)

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