Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays (2007)

Peace To You This Holiday Season

Location:! Catholica , Ghloogums (27, 196, 23)
Wings by Material Squirrel Wings, Winged Isle (21, 107, 47)
Ezriel Angel Wings in White - Long Version 4.0

Saturday, December 15, 2007

UK Couture

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Fitz, can you handle this
Harrd, can you handle this
Monte, can you handle
I don't think you can handle this
Is my booties too bootylicious for ya babe

no matter what clothes you wear, no matter what style of your hair
these boots are gonna turn heads babe.

These boots are made for walking
and thats just what they'll do
one of these days these boots
are gonna walk all over you

Puss in boots, whatever it is, whatever you say
I love my boots and I did it my way.

The Look of an angel, so whats the deal?
Good versus damn right develish sex appeal

"I think I am in love!"

With my Armidi boots.

Blue Collar Romance

Looking every bit the bon ton bag lady, voluptuous Veronica sails down a sidewalk on the seedy side of town. Confidence oozing from her every pore like torrents of sweat drenching an overweight man working on a southern highway construction crew, tar pouring time...high noon on a steamy July day. Men fall like roaches roasted in Raid at her stiletto clad feet. It's not every man that catches her eye, and even fewer that can withstand the hideous halitosis that clings to her like monkey babies clutching their monkey mama as they fly at top speed through the treetops.

His eyes rise from her shimmering dark grey Stiletto Moody supreme pumps. He shakes off thoughts of her heel buried in his chest as she commands him. Her strong calves clad in -Veschi- tights (part of the Career Funk outfit by Alla Ruff) tinted a prurient purple, he fights back the urge to bite his bottom lip as his pulse quickens with anticipation. His penetrating eyes wend up her stylish black and white plaid gaucho pants by elka Lehane of boing fromage (part of the Sailor Plaid kit) and they become eagerly engrossed in her perky, ample bosoms covered in a pink Grandma sweater turtleneck by Hanae Nishi, accentuated by a blue "Squeeze Me" babydoll tee by Diabolical Volos of *Lucid* (part of the *Lucid* & [Renegade] Ripped Jeans and 2 Tees outfit). His hands tremble slightly as he wipes a few beads of perspiration from his brow, his breathing quickens as he thinks of the order, "Squeeze me," momentarily unable to breathe, his throbbing manhood aching for her warmth. The grape caLLie cLine snuglie buglie scarf tied just perfectly around her neck, his fingers reaching out...his reverie rising--brushing her hair from her neck, burying his face beneath her ear, his tongue greedily lapping at her milky, delicate flesh. The perfect curvy waves of her espresso locks (Armidi "Abigail" by Lola Marquez) make him yearn to smell her sweet perfume. He envisions the jaunty -Veschi- Career Funk Beret (part of Career Funk outfit) tumbling off of her head as he sweeps her off her feet for a warm, wet, tongue intertwined kiss, her Tete a Pied plum gloved hands wrapped tightly around his bulging biceps. His chest on fire, his swelling love monster begging for release...he moves in closer *gasp* what is that smell???

"Can you handle the curves? Can you run all the lights? If you can, baby boy, then we can go all night. Cos I'm 0 to 60 in three point five...Baby, you got the keys--now shut up and drive. Shut up and drive, drive, drive."*

She revs his engine one article of clothing at a time. Addictions Black Hottie shiny latex in cool black with red accents and silver buckles by Marijane Greene (Hottie outfit also comes in red, pink or white, L$300 - comes with its own shoes, not pictured.). This vision, a vestige of every guy's earliest and deepest erotic fantasy, designed to emphasize each seductive curve on her perfectly toned frame. (There is a slight seaming issue on the arms, more pronounced in certain poses, but this outfit got two thumbs up from males and females across the grid because of the highly-charged sex appeal.) Minx Sultry Obsession boots by Nikki Clayton (gift from Power Commander) beg to be thrown over his shoulders. Details like red laces and accents, highly-polished black leather, silvery metallic studs, and break-your-neck high heels beckon onlookers attention up smooth, powerful thighs. She smiles quietly to herself as she adjusts her raven locks (ETD's "Jessica," compliments of my friend, Honoria Paine) and adds the final touches, Gaea Gorget Scarlet Choker and Gaea's Teardrop earrings in crimson and silver by Lucas Lameth of Earthtones, confident in the knowledge that this look will spark his ignition. She moves like a graceful custom machine as she purrs, "So if you feel me let me know. Come on now what you waiting for? My engine's ready to explode! So start me up and watch me go!!!"*

Lost in thoughts of him...her back arches, her hands greedily wandering her own protruding love cannons, humidity rising in her Myllie Writer *Persona* Greta panties...she dials his number, "Come quickly." Persona's Greta lingerie is the definition of temptation. The sheerest of panties exposing Veronica's ecstasy trail, the tiniest ribbons wrapped around her firm, round buttocks, grazing across her trembling thighs. The bra with tiny bows hinting at her desire to be unbound, unleashed into a passionate fury in his arms.

He arrives, what is he wearing? *bites her fist* Is, he can't possibly, can he really be *gasp*...BLUE COLLAR?!? fashHorrors! He'll never be able to support her inmost fashDesires. *sighsss...and deadbolts the door* FashLesson learned, vital stats first, next time...

*Walking away in disgust.* Of all the nerve, thinking she's all that in her bleeding knickers with breath that smells like festering, bubbling, pustulant dog is too proud to roll in something that fetid and putrefied. Last time I let a tight body and some tarty little clothes turn my head! And the next gal will know what the right end of a toothbrush looks like, as I live and breathe...fresh air!

*Lyrics from "Shut Up and Drive" by Rihanna

**Poses from Myllie Writer and AnnaH Whitfield of Animah

***Blue Collar Attire first blogged by Mr. Oh of Second Man
Outfit by Westy's (slurl included here: Second Man post by Mr. Oh)

Fashion Fitz Info:
Shape: /Shift\ Custom Avatars 4 U
Hair in Lingerie Shoot: Armidi St. Moritz

Blue Collar Male Model:
Picture ONE
[Renegade] West 68 White Jeans
[Renegade] Titanium Dress Shirt
Jeepers Creepers Shoes - Quixote Black Boots
Naughty "Dare" - Golden Bay Multi-tonal III hair
Pictures TWO and THREE
[Indigo] Leather Race Jacket in Coffee Bean
FNKY! SwitchBlade Glasses

P. S. Many thanks to my not-so-very-blue-collar guy for allowing his image to be reproduced and enduring the halitosis.

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8 Truths about Fashion Fitz

Myllie Writer tagged me and I thought it was some blight on my blog because I haven’t been posting enough. (Guilty conscience?)

Here are the rules: (You know them.)

Random Facts:

1. In real life my mom, sister and I all have the same shoe and ring sizes. My mom has great shoes and a lot of really expensive jewelry, and my sister shops, shall we say, *fashDisgust* discount. But as teenagers this oddity meant we had three times the jewels and shoes. Now it just means that if the dog pisses my shoes while I’m at their house, I’ll still have shoes to wear home.

2. I’m an unknown champion of a little known sport--leg wrestling. I found I had this talent around the age of 12. I leg wrestled my dad who is quite a burly dude, and I beat him. ELATION! In fact, I beat him three times in a row. Later, Dad’s friend came over to the house, a guy that worked out at the gym a lot, proud of his body...stance like Arnold Schwarzenegger, you know the type. Dad says, “So, Ronnie, why don’t you leg wrestle the kid, she’s pretty good.” Ronnie obliges with a smile, already visibly savoring victory over a 12 year old girl. BOOM...he’s over, mercilessly defeated by an 80 pound girl. The look on his face as he rights himself...astonishment mixed with the testosterone flush of a Goodyear Blimp-sized ego deflating. He growls that he wasn’t ready, rematch! There were 10 rematches in all, the 80 pound weakling won all of them. I think Ronnie carried his penis home in a purse that night.

3. As a party trick, I can fit a large doorknob in my mouth. And yes, if the guy wasn’t interested in me before that, oh hell yeah, he’s interested now. ;o)

4. Dream profession: singer. Dream voice: NO, relegated to singing my lungs out with the sunroof open.

5. & 6. My 8 pound toy poodle, Monet, has saved my life twice. One day I was walking him on our normal route down a country road. We get to a certain point on the tree-lined road and he just won’t budge. He’s normally very well-behaved, more obedient than any 2 year old child I know, and knows more tricks than a circus dog. So I tug, “C’mon, let’s get this done.” His bottom planted firmly on the road, his eyes peering at me like I’ve just escaped from the Funny Farm. Exasperated, I tell him to MOVE IT! At this point, he drags me off the road, just then a huge limb falls from a tree right onto the spot where we’d have been traveling if he’d let me continue the walk. No, I mean gargantuan, as in...kersplat! end of one woman and one tiny pooch. Let’s just say, I don’t second guess his judgment anymore. ;o)

Secondly, I’d just moved and took an older refrigerator with me. I’m getting ready for work one morning, and Monet won’t stop barking at the fridge. I look at the fridge and think, ah maybe he saw something under there, or his ball rolled under. I tell him to be quiet. He sits there silent for all of two seconds. Now he’s back on duty, barking his doggy arse off at the bottom of the fridge. Finally, I get on my hands and knees, two bare wires are rubbing together and sparking! The wall behind the fridge was over 200 year old barn wood. House fire averted, possessions intact, and dog...NOT dead....priceless. Yes, my dog is smarter than me, and yes, I get to use two numbers for this.

7. I seriously love bubblegum. No, I don’t love blowing bubbles, I just love chewing gum. Don’t even think about leaving a Juicy Fruit pack near me.

8. Escaped death more times than Evel Knievel.

I’d tag Montecore Babcock if it would make him write a post for Fashion Fitz. ;o)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What SLosers! Another story for the books.

When Fashion Fitz graciously sacrificed this blog space allowing me to tell my story, I admit there were some grand ideas in my head. Justice! A juicy expose on that all too painful topic of SL trust gone bad off my chest. Exposure of the bad guy; yadda yadda. Believe me I've gone over this not only in my own mind but with anyone who would listen. Choice real life therapy time when I should be discussing familial obstacles, work related slights and the like cast aside to the back of the legal pad for what you are about to hear. But now, when the blog chips are down, all I can muster is a laugh at myself for being so naive. I thank you in advance for humoring me that some little bit of justice will be served here. Read on please.

Yes I grant you there on honest people in SL. I actually consider myself one. I've taken financial loss to make good on SL promises. Silly me for expecting the same. I was thinking I'd met an honest person in Jedediah McDunnough, an old land buying colleague of mine. We met up again and he was quick to tell me his great news. His land company Land Investment Income Fund (LIF) was going IPO baby! on the International Stock Exchange of SL (word fictitious in very small letters). Tales of great riches realized already and the sky's the limit. Barb invest! So I did. To the tune of 5000 US Dollars. Oh yes I hesitated. There are after all no guarantees. But wait Barb! We will pay you back all the money you invest, we promise. Notecards were passed by his fashion challenged partner Stetson Rail (this would be a Fashion Fitz blog piece that only a month could do justice) with a cut and paste of how he so graciously gave someone 10000 Lindens because they were scammed on a land deal. Here is where I failed. I took the copious assurances of money back guarantees at their word. After all as Stetson says, if you don't have your word in SL you don't have a thing. There were skype conversations, cell phone numbers passed etc etc.

A point came when it was clear these guys were playing a game with their investors money and I opted out. Releasing dozens of thousands of shares without asking shareholders, me all of a sudden becoming a board member NOT a partner yadda yadda again. I just opted to walk away. Money on the way Barb. Weeks of asking passed. IM's ignored. The one where Stetson pretended to be his daughter bidding on sim auctions was especially humorous.

Then, with the help of the Ginko fiasco, the jig is up. Barb "it aint gonna happen." Hmmm. All of a sudden there isn't money left. Damn I thought. Mortgage due. Out on sick leave. These guys got me good.

I went to the stock exchange. No help. But wait! You said this was like real life? Oh I see finally. It's real life when the money is going THAT direction. I see.

As I said tons of therapy and selling stocks we didn't want to later, I was getting over it. My therapist says I am an "experiential" learner. What the hell is that?? I'm 40. How have I not heard this before? But over it I was getting. Until.....da da daaaaaaaa. The notecard........

I get this notecard from a guy who claims, oh and I believe him, that Stetson Rail agrees to buy a private sim and pay him 1300 US Dollars. Stetson pays 800 then disappearo. This guy says I am still listed on the Board and wants the money from ME?? Oh boy I needed that laugh! We straighten this out and finally with pressure he gets his money. Pennies! that 500 bucks!

So here's the rub. No money to pay me back but they own at least 4 private sims and are buying more. That sounds like Texas math (really don't mess with Texas).

So if justice is to be served which part of my experiential learning has been it likely won't, don't buy land under a spinning Land Investment Income Fund box. Don't rent from them they charge WAY too much! They practice insider trading with their stock just bad bad bad.

If you got this far thanks for sticking with it! This isn't a scorned investor story. It's that fine line where SL and RL bump into each other. Perhaps glancing off and someone loses. I've accepted that's me and have learned from my experience. Don't lend money without RL papers and don't invest in SL stocks.

Here's to some nice experiential learning in the future!


Sunday, November 18, 2007


Dear Fashion Fitz,

What should I wear to Sweet Stewie's Slaughter Shed?

-Stylish or Slain

Dear SOS (a.k.a. the international distress signal for Save Our Style),

It is my theory that the well-dressed are never slain except by the fashJealous. Notably, the murder of Gianni Versace, who was shamefully shot for his supple shoes. Saving you a slaying, today I offer you this chic, casual, cheerful combination:

The jacket is one of my fashFaves, Nora by June Dion of BareRose. As usual, June's premium prim work is fashtastic while being easy on your Linden balance. The jacket might require some slight alterations to fit your av. Nora's collar is starched to perfection, the bounty of bodacious buttons are a blast (not from a blazing bullet), and extra details like the prim button tabs on the upper arm make my heart skip a beat (fashLove, not fright, SOS). Kicking worn denim up a fashnotch, the Armidi {Gisaci} gold tank (part of the {Gisaci} Rainy Day Dress - Gold) which would make Midas drool with envy, and Nicky Ree's free spring skirt (part of the Nicky Ree Free Spring Dress-Yellow). To knock the chill off--Veschi's tintable cloche (-Veschi- blonde hair with bucket hat), by the fashGenius, Alla Ruff, and her -Veschi- titillating tintable target tights (fashgasms all the way!). Finally, and certainly not least, the fashExquisite FNKY! bronze t-strap pumps by Funk Schnook. The fit of the sculpties as they envelop my feet is fashToeLickin' good, and the shiny, patent leather taupey texture makes them a fashClassic...sure to sweep you off your feet with fashJoy.

This fashChoice will allow you to survive anything Stewie might send your way in the slaughter shed. It's just fashSmarter. Many fashHealthy returns to you.

fashSurrender Overcomes Slaughter,

Fashion Fitz,

How would a fashPumpkin dress?

-Fall Fruit Fetishist

Dear Freaky Fruit Fetishist,

Perusal of pumpkin porn is a passionate persuasion, perhaps. Purportedly, pear perversion is particularly pervasive. Possibly, posh pumpkins will be parading about in this plush, perky pick:

The usual fashfare of pumpkins is rather fashStarved, wouldn't you agree? In contrast, pleasing pumpkin orange is the perfect hue for artilleri's ronja jacket in halloween orange by Antonia Marat (Halloween treasure hunt). The prim sleeve attachments have a flowing, dress-maker's feel, and don't break the glorious pumpkin texture. Brisk, fall breezes inspire the proper pumpkin accessory--Peepul (are pumpkins peepul too?) brown neck scarf by June Dion of BareRose. Impeccably setting off the pumpkin orange is Persona's sheer buttoned shirt in violet by Myllie Writer. -Veschi- career funk pants (part of outfit) by Alla Ruff pump up the polish, while Alla's -Veschi- Tintable Tights in Vertical Dots, tinted pleasingly purple, pop the palette. Tousled locks by Aitui (Tintable Knitted Cap & Hair /Red/) throw in a casual, unstudied air, but not without effort, fashFetishist--the tintable cap (yes, it is men's hair) required (edit linked parts) selecting and tinting quite a few individual cap prims to achieve primo purple passion. The power accessory in this ensemble is Stiletto Moody's Bitch Booties. (...humming...."Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy Me") I am in love with the fit of these Booties, the highly tanned and polished black leather texture, glistening gold heel, and red for extra raciness on the sole. These shoes say, "I want your sex," which any fruit fetishist is apt to adore!

Fun fashFruit Flings for You,


I dance alone, I'm dull, and I'm broke. Advice?

-Matte Martyr

Dear MM,

Let's help you get your shine on and turn MM into MMmmm in Nicky Ree's simply stunning Satin Shine gown. Nicky Ree offers Satin Shine in pink to the fashPoor for free! The remaining four colors (black, green, red, and purple) are so budget friendly at L$100 that even a college campy kinda gal can be a fashSplash at any gala. No more dancing alone in this shiny standout! Sugah Daddies be forewarned! Supreme Stiletto Moody pumps with ankle straps (dyed baby pink) sing with the purple passion gown.

Sip Champagne, let your personality and whitened teeth sparkle, show some cleavage and leg, laugh spasmodically, and you'll be a spontaneous fashSocial success! Cast off the torture stake, MM, and follow your heart.

Swirl and Shine,

*All poses in this post are by Myllie Writer and AnnaH Whitfield of Animah.

Fashion Fitz Info:
Pictures One and Two
(Miriel) Teardrop Earring - Antique Gold
`Muse` Ariane ring (gold/diamond)
Pictures Three and Four
Caroline's Funky Chunky Brown Ring

Pictures Five and Six
Sapphire Diamond Cluster Ring by
Storm Babeli of Purple Rose
Egyptian Sapphire Double Earrings and Egyptian Sapphire Necklace ( jewelry expo freebie) by
Izira Kirkorian of Iza Boutique
Muse Ariane Ring (Silver/Tanzanite)

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